Monday, March 17, 2014

ANIME cosplay and SEXY Hotimportnights Ninjas!

Hi there! I just attended the Anime Matsuri Expo and it was very interesting experience! If you don't know, "cosplaying" is basically the word costume+play put together. A person can dress like any cartoon, anime, hero, monster or anything they like and play the role and come to show off their costume. It was a fun time and so I will post up pictures of all the cute costumes I saw. I went as Batgirl and Muffin was Superman and his sister was Mikasa from "Attack on Titans". Muffin and I would probably be more into cosplaying if we still watched anime but when I was younger I use to watch Sailor Moon and Pokemon lol thats about it.
Cosplayers Looking So in Character! We were more casual cosplayers lol

Attack on Titans Cosplayers Can you spot Sunshine?

These Gals and our Pink Wigs^.^

Which look do you prefer?

King and Queen of Hearts

Me and Waveya Kpop girl

Mikey and Waveya Kpop dancer girl

That's so Highschool <3
Superman and Mikasa

Not Sure Who these girls are but they remind me of SailorMoon =]

This Girl was Perfection As a little Dolly Sweet Lolita

 After Muffin and I got bored cosplaying we went next door to Hot Import Nights to look at cars. We were definitely awake and refreshed once we got in HIN. Hot Import Nights (HIN) which is a carshow that displays the hottest decked out most expensive cars from houston and around. HIN is basically a guys dream. There are hot cars and hot models clad in lingerie posing with cars. Wished I had taken more pictures of all the sexy models but I was too distracted! Haha >.<

I Promised You some SEXY Ninjas! @HIN

Finest... The car is finest people!!

Love this bike!

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