Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pre Cancer? The Dogs Know...

Greetings From Mt. Bonell Austin Tx!
Hello to all who still keep up with my health/cushing's blog and to the new cushies who stop by to read more about my personal Cushing's journey (remember to read more about Cushing's Syndrome in my 2013-2014 archive).
 So another update on my health. I am so far feeling good. No more Cushing's related symptoms. Not even that much anxiety, depression. The insomnia has improved so much and I can pretty much sleep anytime I want. My weight has been fluctuating again, which causes me to worry. I recently gained 8lbs in the time frame of 2 months, though I still look the same size, the weight gain scares me. ( the paranoia never goes away) I have been weight training and lifting like crazy and taking protein so maybe that is the reason why I am gaining weight-- hopefully it's muscle gains!! Some days my face look a little rounder/moon face-y and it freaks me out but I have realized that I am very sensitive to sodium and sugar. So If I eat too much of those two.. I get pretty swollen and bloated all over. So water is definitely very important to flushing all the toxins out and keeps the bloat away.

So far Everything is going fine in my life. Things are feeling like they are coming together and I enjoy every moment of my life.  The last entry I wrote was to investigate more about my abnormal menstrual cycle. After surgery I got my period around a year later and it came every month and I was thrilled but then since this year it stopped and started coming every 3 months or so and I noticed a little bit of breakouts, moodiness, bloating and hirsutism come back Basically PCOS symptoms. So I went to see the doctor. She gave me a pap smear and when the results came back, they found abnormal cells. My doc was a bit concerned so she sent me to the Ob Gyn and had her check me out. They decided to take a biopsy of my cervix and so we went ahead and did that. When the results came back, it turned out that I have type 1 Dysplasia which is a mild case of abnormal cells in the cervix. There are 3 types. Luckily I was not at a severe case and so they did not have to surgically remove the cells in me. With type 1, it can go away by itself or it can progress to type 2 or 3(precancer). It generally shows up when the immune system is lowered (maybe due to my cushing's or adrenal insufficiency) but  could get better with healthy lifestyle choices. There is still a small chance of it developing to something more severe so I will always need to go get a pap/ biopsy every 6 months to make sure it is managed. But getting minor surgery to remove some cells is no where near the debilitating experience I had with Cushing's. at this point, I am no longer afraid of what else is to come of my health/life. I am grateful that I can enjoy my life so much more with very little symptoms.

So I hope you guys are doing well and still feel free to reach out to me on my email yumnguyen07@yahoo.com please note that I will only respond to real patients with valid questions. I have been getting a lot of fake people reaching out pretending to be sick and that makes me so angry..being sick is not something to lie about, it is just unfair to others who are seeking help, support, and information.

I want to share with some pics of our first road trip with my two dogs. I mentioned some time ago that one of my dogs (Van-key the corgi/jack russell mix) is getting older and he has diabetes insipidus so I want to spend more time with him since he was one of my main supporters during my illness always lending me his little body for comfort. So I want for him to explore more in his puppy doggy life. It was just an amazing trip to Austin and the dogs enjoyed it so much. Austin is a city very open to pets everywhere and you get to meet all kinds of animals every where you go. Vankey was so happy and took in the whole experience-- even kayaking! which makes me so happy I can't wait to take him back in a few months!
Austin Here we come!
"Why you do this to me mommy?" -Vankey
Rascal looking Handsome in his life jacket
"What are you looking at?" -Rascal
Captain Corgi-Jack

Vanks navigating us
Feeling wayyy more confident post steroids!
The boys enjoying @Amy's Ice cream
Rascal enjoying Buttercream Icecream  (ps. Amy's icecreamis dog friendly!)
All tucked in @ our 5 paw hotel
The kings in their Queen size bed
Taking over the State Capitol!

Enjoying Mt. Bonell

A wedding on the peaks of Mt. Bonell!
This acrobat
Taking in the views at the top of the graffiti wall
Thanks for stopping by!!! Bye now!


  1. Your doggies are so cute. Bring them over to our house to play with Ninja any time. Call me

    1. Thanks Michelle! We should do doggie dates!

  2. Thank you for sending me this post on youtube.... You give me hope.... and you literally look like an beautiful porcelain doll.... gorgeous... So happy you are much better.

    1. Thank you so much for your response. It means everything to me that it has given you something good. I hope you feel amazing and may God bless you.