Thursday, May 16, 2013

Strange Disease, free surgery, bad test subject

During the time we were looking for surgeons, another recovered friend refer me to contact The National Institute Health. NIH has been studying Cushing's disease and syndrome and offer free surgery to patients who fit their protocol. I sent in my medical records weeks ago and the other day they contacted me accepting me as a case study.  I would love to help others learn more about this disease and what causes it, but I already had the operation so I had to decline. I read up on the study and you get subjected to different tests for a week prior to surgery, I already didn't do well with the bloodtests and catheter experiences at the hospital. I would have been a terrible test subject! lol But it is good to know there is a place a Cushing's patient can go if they cannot afford surgery and I hope they can find the cause of this strange disease. I am working on a recovery entry and will post before/after pics soon! Here's a pic of my doggie showing his night time support <3
One day soon buddy...

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