Saturday, June 7, 2014

Low Cortisol Level 1 Year Later =(

I thought I was making more cortisol but nope... As a matter of fact my cortisol levels went down from my test from 3 months ago. It looked as if my levels were raising up probably because of residual medications. I am wondering why it's taking my right adrenal such a long time to work? Oh well. It still explains alot of why I feel nauseous, weepy and fainty often.


  1. I was told by my endocrinologist last week that sometimes it could take around 2 years + for natural levels to return to normal. Remember it takes time! You'll be ok <3 and you have an explanation for the symptoms!

    1. Thanks, ive actually talk to a lady who took 4 years :/ but there was another one who got normal by 4 months and running marathons now. How awesome is that?

  2. Please contact mw with the treatment you had!? Im new to this i bekieve i have cushings...a hump !:( gerting bigger and definate round face and irregular hoemones infertility:(((