Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fading Acne Scars & My ACTH Stimulation Test

 So lately I have been feeling extremely tired and sleeping more often. I also have been still getting the dizzy spells. I called my endo and she suspected that I might need to get back on Steroids so she scheduled me for a ACTH and adrenal stimulation test. The test was about an hour long. At first the nurse attached an IV to me and drew blood from me. Then she injected me with some synthetic ACTH medicine to stimulate the production of cortisol. Sorry I am not sure what the medicine is called. Then I had another blood draw at 30 mins. Then another blood draw at 60 mins. The results came in and  just like what we suspected, my cortisol levels are still very low. My baseline cortisol was 8. When I was stimulated with the meds it only increased to 12. And in 60 mins it went back down again. My doctor explained that it should have been stimulated to atleast double or triple the amount to function like the average person. This is all really confusing information So I will put down a web explanation but basically I am back to supplementing steroids again. I didn't pass the test with flying colors but I am making something!

If you have had acne, you would know how hard it is to face the world with blemishes on your face. Especially for those who suffer from cystic acne like I did. Since the surgery, the breakouts have subsided slowly but what is left is just as bad. Acne scars.. The acne scars are allover my face. I have all kinds from the red scars, purple, brown to the bumps, keloids, and ice pick scars. There's so many scar names but I pretty much had it all. So even though I no longer had active acne, I still would hide my face from the world and have to wear heavy makeup to disguise all the scars. Like if you looked at me in the sunlight, you would see all these little holes and bumps on my skin and it looked so bad. I was very insecure about it, I would even wear foundation around the house with my family members. I did not think that I would ever be able to show my bare face ever again.

Well the past few months I have been testing different ways and products to help with the scarring. Some worked a bit and some was useless. So I researched acne scar solutions and found a good Diy recipe that has helped my acne scarring fade tremendously. I mix these ingredients and slather in on my face for 20mins every night. Here is the recipe:
Burning face mask Ingredients I don't use the nutmeg (the name is scary but it tingles)
Use honey as the base and add a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle cinnamon (I don't use nutmeg)
Burning face mask with the girls and yogurt face mask (alternate days)
The results for the mask has been very positive. My skin has been improving weekly. A few weeks ago I was at my local store and saw that this cream was on sale so on a whim I decided to purchase it. It is called Garnier Skin Renew dark spot corrector. I decided to try it out. And WOW it just heightened the acne fading so much quicker. I instantly saw results and last night my boyfriend and little sister told me that my skin looked so clear and bright. My boyfriend told me I should forgo foundation all together. I am so thrilled to get these skin compliments!! So remember that new scars fade faster than really old scars so you have to be consistent and patient. So this is the cream I am talking about and I will put some progress pictures here:
^I prefer the cream 
My Cystic Acne From Cushing's Syndrome in 2013 ='(

no makeup!! >.<

#NoFilter Wearing face powder and eye makeup >.^
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. This was what worked for me. Everyone has different skin and will react differently to products and ingredients. Test your skin to make sure you are not allergic.


  1. You're so beautiful Van! Thanks for sharing! I finally have my acne under control with fewer flare ups and am left with lots of red spots. I will definitely being trying this! I'm sorry you aren't yet able to go off the meds but just be patient with yourself, it looks like your body is slowly trying recover.

    1. Adrianne! Congrats on controlling the acne! It's easier to treat scars when you stop getting active breakouts. Thanks for the comment. I hope you are doing well <3

    2. If any of you are really looking for a detailed guide I'd recommend EasyAcneGuide.com it really helped me get over my acne. One of teh best guides imo. There is just so much BS on the web regarding acne. A lot of it is false/myth, so that guide ^^ helped me out. Real stuff.

      Hope it helps,
      And I really hope everyone reading this gets over their acne soon!!! Always remember you are beautiful no matter what.
      <3 Amy

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  9. Thanks so much for your blog. 5 weeks ago I started having Cushing's syndrome And they located an ectopic tumor and removed it in me which has seemed to stop the cortisol. I am covered in acne right now and slowly trying to recover. It has helped me so much to read your experience. Thanks for the honest and inspiring posts. You are beautiful and an inspiration.

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  13. I used dermalmd scar serum to help fade acne scars and it helped a lot and I saw results in as little as a week (and that coming from someone with old and bad scarring) . I stopped using this because my face eventually got to used to it so it wasn't as effective, but I'm going to start again because it helped a lot!

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