Saturday, January 31, 2015

Update Fully Tapered Off Steroids (PICS) and MORE!

Hi guys! I apologize for not updating in so long but don't worry I am still very active in responding to my emails, youtube(onedelicateheart), and instagram(1delicateheart). Ever since coming back from the New Jersey trip I have gotten so many emails and messages from Cushies and people who are in the diagnosing process.  So feel free to contact me from those various social medias. Best way to get a quick response is to email me at
 If you guys haven't checked out Rachel and Rae's website then you better go and check it out now. I am so proud of these ladies for doing so a huge thing for our cushie community. There are stories, contacts, and videos for you to learn more about. Please share <3

So I have big news! I have fully weaned of steroids for 3 weeks! My doctor told me that my left adrenal gland has woken up. It is functioning at a low level so my adrenal gland is not producing like the normal average person but my body has adapted to the low levels so I decided to quickly taper off the rest of the hydrocortisone (Cortef) because let's face it, it is a pain in the ass to take and still felt bloated from small amounts! Well, how am I feeling? I feel almost perfect. Like I am 97% there. There are times I notice the change in energy and feel great then sometimes I feel lethargic and faint due to the fact that I have used up the little amount of cortisol reserve that I produce but nothing that I have not already been through and it is bearable. I still get very faint often but I think I need to start eating a diet that supports the hypoglycemia issue. And of course how do I look? Well here are some photos for you guys to see =]
 These pictures are all post op and recovery. and no I did not get facial surgery during recovery, it's just really good makeup tricks I started learning that I want to share to you all soon! But now Here is the breakdown of my recovery. This is not the most organized list sorry! lol

6 Month Post OP: moon face was shrinking, acne growth stalled, skin got a bit drier, still bloated, face still felt heavy (hard to smile or open eyes wide), droopy skin, reddish orange skin, no hair growth, depression, anxiety, nausea, hello collarbones! dry eyes, adrenal insuffiency was at it's worse due to tapering. high bp but pre diabetes was gone. Sleeping all the time. Lazy, no motivation. panic attacks. Crying all the damn time.

10 Month: Face continued to shrink, features feminizing (eyes and lips look more pretty??), smiling is easier but still felt like cheeks were heavy, acne fully stopped, skin healing, hair growth (baby hair halo) not so healthy looking though crinkly hair texture, period was back (still irregular), buffalo hump shrinking, itchy dry skin to the point I can't sleep, body adapting to adrenal insuffiency, acne scars, less depressed, up and down emotions and mood, nausea, faint, period still irregular. Insomnia. undereye bags circles. Panic feelings, no attacks.

12 Month: I have to say I felt much happier after a year since the surgery, My face is almost back to normal, features are slowly defining, smiling is easy, hair is starting to regrow fuller but texture is still crinkly, no more acne problems, super duper dry skin, less crying, less stressed, I notice myself being funny and enjoying life like never before, began socializing again, face dimple is starting to show, jawline, cheekbones and nose looking slimmer. less nausea, Less paranoid. Insomnia. Doing normal activities. Shopping addiction due to weight loss and increased confidence LOL

14 Month: period came back regularly (feeling prettier after every menstrual cycle), skin is glowing, reddish orange skin fading, acne scars healing, less hair fall, wondering if this was as good as it gets??, face features more defined. fainting, low bp, dizzy, Mood is pretty stable but I still will get cranky when I being weaning off more steroids, more confident, no more sadness and resentment in my heart.. I literally woke up one day feeling like all the bad stuff and people in the past did not affect me anymore. Truly a miracle. Is this it? Will it get better? Sleep is up and down.

16 Months: face is back to normal, dimple is fully visible, jawline is chiseled, sleeping more, period is irregular again (due to low amount of steroids?), hair is healthier and shinier better texture, acne scars are less visible, night sweats, fainting, dizzy, extreme low bp (good thing? idk), satisfied with how i look but still worried if I still would have the highs and lows of moods and dizziness.

18 Month (fully off steroids): Face got even smaller less bloated (yeah I didn't know that was possible), I can now even smile with my teeth effortlessly, skin fully healed, scars are not as visible, I feel confident enough to go makeup free while running errands, people complimenting me, strangers think I am younger than my age, my mom says I look like I did back as a senior in Highschool! Thanks mom. Still faint and dizzy, no more obsessive thoughts, no more paranoia, no more guilt, anxiety, or shame, no more negative feelings. Mind is at peace, skin still dry, period still irregular but still coming, facial features look lifted, eyes are brighter, eyes are less dry, feeling motivated, not afraid of speaking my mind. No more panic attacks! Still food sensitive. No more waking up at 9am to take Cortef yay!

My body Recovered:
Less joint pains, muscles are starting to look more defined with little exercise around month 9 post op, no dieting, appetite is normal. No more feelings of being ravenous with food, body is getting a more feminine curvier shape, fat is relocating to where it should be instead of on my stomach, buffalo hump gone. I can feel my spine, collar bones, less body and facial hair, more hair on head lol... no more orange hands, still food sensitive to salt, sugar, and MSG. Can drink coffee without panic attacks. Can lightly workout and lift light weights with less muscle pain. Still cannot run or do any hardcore exercise training (not that I ever want to again). more flexible. no more bloating in weird places. More active. Feet shrank 1 size down (size 7 to 6-5.5), no more rapid hearbeats. Feels like I can breathe again. The heavy brick feeling on my chest is gone yay! Digestion is greatly improved.

That is all I can think of right now. I am thrilled that my future is filled with more optimism. I am glad that majority of the stuff is reversible. I am still stuck with a few minor health nuisances that Cushing's affected. I really don't think it is going to ever get me down because everything that I prayed for I have been given by God and the Universe. This whole experience really shaped me to become who I am now. I am stronger and humbled than I was ever before getting sick. I am glad that I got to meet so many people and understand the struggle of getting everything taken away from me. I learned the lesson of compassion, patience, and gratitude.  I will continue to advocate for Cushing's and rare diseases. So I will always come back to blog and update my life. I also want to be more active on my youtube channel and posts some videos of me talking about various Cushie subjects and giving advice to Cushie patients and also post my beauty tips and tricks and also my health regimen. I just need to get over my fear of talking to a video camera lol. Thank you guys for reading this post and supporting me through this journey. I will never forget. Much love!
Before and After

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  1. Hello I am happy that you're recovering to see that everything has a solution for this disease I have the hope that ICan heal and be iguan than before.
    I hope and have much more success in your recovery and I'm glad you're better;)

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  3. Oh wow, you look so beautiful afterwards ! Amazing.

  4. How long have you been taking the steroids?