Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello Bones!

I know that the word bone sounds kinda morbid but I have to share the delight I have found these past few weeks of improvement. The other day I looked in the mirror and saw my collar bones again! It's crazy that during Cushing's I had no kind of collar bone, spine, cheek bones etc... But now all of those bones are visible again. I am starting to have a normal shape back. Yes, it is still very slow but I can no longer deny that I am improving. My tummy is getting so flat and my butt is getting rounder and I have not diet or exercised since the surgery! I have lost 5 lbs somehow. Trust me when I say I have been snacking on junk lately. Carbs, sweets, fried foods, the whole shebang. My appetite has suppressed a lot but I can eat more and not feel that weird panicky feeling. The other day my family members commented on how different I am starting to look since the surgery. My eyes look more awake and my lips are getting plumper lol and my chin is more visible. Idk how to explain all of these changes. Maybe it's no more water retention? Hormones balancing out? It's funny how when I was sick I dieted and exercised like crazy and nothing really happened. Last year I did insanity workouts and ate lettuce for 3 months I lost around 5 lbs but I gained it all back within a few weeks it was so strange, then after that I tried to continue working out and eating healthy but the inches and pounds kept adding up. Nothing I could really do about it. I remember I looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself but now I am starting to see a glimpse of myself again. I later just gave into the Cushing's instead of fighting it because I was so exhausted about all the worries and needed a break.

I am still super tired but that is fine with me. I'll just continue to rest until I physically and mentally feel better. The other day two of my incisions got infected and was leaking pus it was gross and painful but I cleaned it and noticed the stitch threads were poking out so I pulled them out.. It hurt like a b***** but my surgeon directed that I keep an eye out if it worsens. My skin is improving more also but that definitely takes time since I am slow healing. Still get weird bruises and scratches out of no where and tried to start exercising but bones still hurt. I still get the fatigue and moments of feeling crappy but it is not an all day thing now. Still have not gotten aunt flo. The docs prescribed me some bcp but I tried taking them and felt like dying so I stopped. I guess I'll continue to have to wait it out some more. I should do a whole body pic before & after but I don't have anyone to take the shot so I'll just post up pics of my collar bones!

w/Cushing's syndrome/ no visible bones
Collar bones yay!

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