Friday, July 5, 2013

Undiagnosed, Untreated, Unheard

The other day I talked with my surgeon and doctors about how my symptoms are still persistent and they told me in most cases it is always a delayed recovery. They say most symptoms will have a significant improvement after 6-12 months. That doesn't sound too bad from a normal perspective, but having to live with it everyday makes it hard to tell if you're getting better, then when it gets real bad you just feel like it's never going away. From what I read on researching this illness, most patients go undiagnosed, untreated, and unheard for so long then after they have the surgery, they go unheard again. Luckily I have my surgeon who is educating medical students about Cushing's and listens when I complain. He sent me some new endocrine journals and articles about long term studies and evaluation of the disease. It talks about how there needs to be a better way to improve the recovery process because it is tedious for the patient and often after the surgery, the patient is expected to be "cured" however they have to deal with all the difficulties of recovering themselves. the other study talks about all the issues that come with the recovery and how symptoms improve. there's more interesting things discussed so I will post it up. In my opinion there definitely needs to be more support for Cushies after surgery from the Medical care that may help them feel as comfortable as possible. Maybe requiring more followups, requirements for psychiatric assistance, and some kind of better booklet that tells everyone what to expect after because it just seems like every person I've spoken to were unprepared for the long road after surgery. Oh yeah they totally need to update their booklet for symptoms!!

 I told my doc that I use to have dark orange tinted hands that even my bf noticed. The doc told me that only pituitary patients get the orange hands and not the adrenal patients... How is that possible? well it is the same illness, just different area of cause but idk doctor, my hands are not tang tinted anymore post surgery, just believe me and take note please... I did read somewhere that another adrenal patient had orange hands so it has to be a real symptom... I told them how tired I've been feeling and asked if it's related to the blood test and they say "possibly, but we are not sure". No disease or syndrome is "one size fit all" because some patients may experience much different symptoms than others but it is all real and needs to be heard. This disease is hard to understand but we need more help to unravel this mystery! Ahh this sucks.. I tried to post up the endocrine articles but it can't be shared and you need a membership to access these files.. Ok I guess i'll just put a link to a story about a woman named Shannon. Her story is another one that gives me strength, you gotta read it till the very end.

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