Friday, September 20, 2013

Who Would Have Known It Would Be You

Here's a funny story.  like most hypochondriacs, prior to getting diagnosed I went to WebMD to try and diagnose myself. I typed in my 15+ symptoms and guess what popped up? PCOS, Adrenal fatigue, etc... and Cushing's syndrome/disease. What caught my eye was the Cushing's syndrome. It said a rare disease characterized by a moon face, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, muscle weakness, bone loss, amenorrhea, memory loss etc etc... anyways I ran to muffin and said "that's me!!!" but he told me it was too rare only 10 out of a million people get that so it's probably not.. But guess what? Not only was it Cushing's that I had. I also had the adrenal kind that affect not 10 but 2 out of a million... I'm starting to feel that my chances of winning the lottery might not be so far fetched after all haha! Okay not to scare anyone into self diagnosing because most of the time it is NONE of the above that you have. Just go to the doctor and it's probably less severe than what you imagined in your head.

I have been talking to a girl who is from my city Houston  and almost my age who suffered from Cushing's. She had her surgery in 2010 and is fully recovered today. She sent me some of her before and after pics and she is looking happy and healthy! So all of these people I talk to give me hope I will get there one day. It's crazy to know that someone in the same vicinity to get this so called "rare" tumor. I have always felt that maybe Cushing's is not as rare as we think but is often misdiagnosed or not at all since it is hard find the problem. But I do believe it is happening to a lot of unknowing, innocent folks. I really want to spread the word about this to help others who could be living with an adrenal or pituitary tumor. I get a few people emailing me freaking out about how they have the same symptoms and want to know what to do next. Okay first off don't freak out! It may not be anything at all. My first advice is to get your hormones tested!!! Check for Cortisol levels.  It is better to just do a routine hormone blood test to rule out Cushing's. It is beneficial to get a test for all your hormones to rule out Cushing's or any other problems you have. This one lady went for a checkup and found out she had Pcos. Any who, if you are noticing strange symptoms that is not " normal you" get your hormones checked!

The other week I found a sweet lost abandoned kitten and took her home a few days and found her a new home. Never was a fan of cats until now. Have a good life little Meo Meo. <3


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