Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy New Year! Happy New You! and My Instagram!

Destroy What Destroys You.
Just posting a quick motivational photo for the new years. Recovery journey is starting to take a big turn and  it feels real good to me. I want to do a post about my experience of falling out of depression, so probably next blog will be about that. And no it's not because of the physical changes that is making me happier.... It's mentally too. It's amazing how things can change when I've felt so stuck in a rut for many years. Anyways I'll save all of that for next post!

Any who so I joined two social networking! One is called "Experience Project"-- if you feel depressed, like you need someone to talk to and nobody is there for you, go join this website! You can find people who are going through similar things that you are going through and seek advice.. Or just to talk to. NO HATERS ALLOWED! So try it out!! and I also joined Instagram. Sure I don't have many followers but I just wanted to have a place where I can post up some motivational stuff and progress pictures! I already have some Cushie friends that are seeking advice and seeing the progress of other fellow Cushies... If you have an account for either social networking sites, join us & add me!! See you in 2014!

ExperienceProject: Yoshigirl12


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    1. Hey Monica! Im glad you finally got diagnosed! Cyclical is tricky one. No i didn't have ipss. I wish you the best with what is next to come. Do you have a surgery date yet? Thanks, it took around month 4 to start seeing and feeling better. I will pray for you to feel the best you can as soon as possible. Email me at if you want to talk. It's not easy and everything socks during Cushing's but things will get better. Much love!

    2. Sorry typo on the phone. Email:

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