Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sexy Pictures of My Test Results!

Haha jk about the sexy part. Some people like to post sexy "selfies" but I will post bloody test results! Hey, I put hearts to make it sexier lol <3 The blood test results are in and drumroll..... 

^^Lol nothing much to see here but last month I was .03 So that is something? Unless it's just residual medication I took the other day prior to drawing blood. Hope not. I was at .03 three months ago.. I get nervous before bloodtests not because of needles but I still feel iffy these days so if my adrenal gland was to normalize I would be dissapointed that "iffy" would be the new normal I have to live with.. But the test confirms the iffy feelings. Still long ways to go. I am feeling better than before so let's keep rolling with the good times & improving. Still got my patience socks on. If that is the only thing I learned from Cushing's then it would be a good lesson of patience. Yeah, for those who have experienced major illness ya'll know that getting sick is only the beginning. Now there are other concerns that are raising up. The doctors told me this would be expected to find underlying problems after since Cushing's masked alot of underlying problems with itself. For example my allergies came back. But that's the least of my worries. Sounds like a sad broken record but I'm sharing my truth and that's what's up.

The dizzy spells are still here. I feel light headed and numbness on my chest and face often. It's worse when I'm hungry or tired. My PCP told me my white blood count (WBC) is low so we are going to investigate.. Health is a tricky little equation..

I went to vacation last week and I could not be as active and snorkel or walk too much. But it was still a great winter escape nonetheless. Wish I could stay there forever! I'll post up some pictures next time but I'll preview a real sexy picture down here. =]

Sexy Paradise eh?

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