Friday, February 28, 2014

Prayers For My Friend

During the time I was sick, I heard alot of false misconceptions about my sickness. I was told I was fat, lazy, and moody. Just because I wanted to be that way. I was told maybe I should be healthier. I was told maybe my dogs gave me Cushing's. Also, I could just be stressed. I was told I that I am being tested by God. All these misconceptions made me feel I must have done something wrong to get myself this sick. Oh and this one is my favorite, "you're asian, you don't get Cushing's or tumors because those are Caucasian diseases." Could you imagine how crazy that sounds?

So I just want to set the record straight that it was none of the above that caused my illness. Cushing's is a abnormal mutation of the adrenal gland. It could have been any kind of mutation anywhere in my body but it was my adrenal gland. So that's that. The one that peeved me the most was the stereotype that asians don't get Cushing's. The reason I made this blog was to raise awareness for anyone who will stumble upon this, a cushing's patient, but I also made this to give voice that asians can get Cushing Syndrome/ disease. Or anyone else; a caucasion, latino, african, indian person...

Recently I was approached by a young lady from Vietnam named Nga Do. She emailed me asking for some advice because she thinks she has Cushing's but the doctor cannot confirm the source that is causing her Cushings. All they are telling her is that she has Pseudo-Cushings but no explanation. I am deeply affected that this girl cannot get an explanation for all of her symptoms. Also for the fact that we are both from the same country, it hurts that I cannot do more for her than to give her advice and pray for her. So I am posting this entry today for my friend Nga. With her consent I am sharing her story. I saw her more recent picture and it was almost like seeing my reflection in the mirror during the time I was sick too.  Nga, I know you will get better and I will be here for you whenever you need to talk. Thank you guys.

I ask that we can help pray for her to find an answer and have the best health she deserves.


  1. One doctor told me that I couldn't have Cushing's because many people in my family are fat. Another stupid stereotype. Where do they get such idiocy? Thank God some doctors see actual patients and not just stereotypes. Prayers for Nga are on their way. Whether she has Cushing's or not, may she have a correct diagonis--speedily and soon.

    1. Thank you for your prayers Nancy. How are you doing? If only we ran into the right people at the right time. We just listen to them because they are experts but then we run into the judgy doctors. I just hope there will be more empowerment for us to take charge of our health.

    2. Hiii,
      I've read your story about cushing. It's very touching. I've been diagnotised with morbus cushing since November last year and havent been treated yet. I totally understand what you went through because I am suffering of the same symptoms too. I hate hearing people who don't know what I'm going through right now telling me I've gained weight. I mean, in what kind of society are we living right now that you can't even gain some pounds without getting mocked at... That's very sad!

      I think you are very inspiring and strong! How long did it take for you to recover? It would be great if we could talk more =) By the way, I'm Viet too. And yes! Cushing could happen to anyone, even Asian.

  2. Hii sister, im so sorry I havent seen your comment until now. Im am sorry for what you are going through but I understand everything. As you can see I am still recovering and tapering my steroids but physically I look a lot better. What is your status? Please email me if you want to talk:)