Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If My Makeup Smears All Bets Are OFF!!

I'm kind of bored right now so what better way to be productive than to write down my thoughts. The last post I had made was basically me swooning over my lovely dude but last week on Valentines day, I was NOT swooning for him.

 On Valentines day we got into a heated discussion on the way to our dinner date and the discussion became me and him getting annoyed that neither of us understood each others perspective on a certain subject. Well in the moment, I felt like my Vday was going downhill. All bets are off when my cat eyeliner smears! >.< It was not how imagined our day to be. After that we lost our reservation and ended up driving down the street to a random restaurant. At 8:45pm, the line was very long out the door (and around the building) and the hostess said it'll be about 1 hour and 30 mins of wait. I was annoyed but instead of calling it a night we decided to just wait it out and went to the bar. We bought some wine at the bar and just talked to each other, not about the argument we just had but about random things, funny things, anything. (for ex: what was the worst thing you ever did to impress someone?) That will sure get a conversation started! Then our buzzer went off and it was our turn to be seated. My muffin looked at his phone and we both realized 2 hours had just passed and we didn't even noticed. But we were in a better place than we were before we left the house and before our argument. I want to write this down so I remember the lesson I learned was that our relationship is not perfect but if you choose to love and laugh then the rough patches become smoother. I try to remember now that I have a choice. Do I want to suffer and make others suffer because I am unhappy? Or do I want to be happy and my happiness makes the person I love happy too. haha now i'm confusing myself. Well that was my imperfect Vday story.

After Vday, this Sunday I ate some medium rare fajita meat takeout at Taco Cabana loll NEVER EAT rare meat from TC!! That was a bad idea... Well a few hours later I felt sick with a sore throat. The next day I felt terrible and that night I had symptoms of a cold. In the morning I was hot and sweaty but cold. My joints and muscles were in so much pain, my head was throbbing and my throat felt raw. Muffin immediately got up at 6 in the morning and went to Walmart and bought some medicine and a thermometer. When he got home he got some soup and took my temprature I was burning up to 102 degrees. He was worried because never had I gotten the flu and fever combo for years. and if it reached 104 I would need to go to hospital. I guess having Cushing's really suppressed my immune system and allergies until I had the surgery. Now I get sick pretty often but this was by far the worst. So Muffin was worried and decided to take off work to stay home and nurse me back to homeostasis or till I stabilized loll. So we doubled up on the Cortef steroids and stayed in our bed the whole day sleeping, checking my tempurature, taking meds and watching tv. Even though that was the worst fever I have ever experienced, it was my favorite sick day I've ever had.
^ The Soup Police!

 So I guess this is really a lesson that losing expectations on what you want and what you need. I don't know if that makes sense, im getting tired and my thought process is declining haha well have a blessed day for anyone who is ever going to read this entry! And remember that you have happy choices! <3


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    1. Hey Monica! I am. Thanks for all the help! How are you?

    2. Good! Glad you're better..your dog looks so adorable in that pic!.I'm ok thanks. I've had to cut back to 3 days at work now so able to rest some more before I finally get all of this sorted in the next few weeks!

    3. Haha yeah he's a cutie! Sorry I wasn't sure if you meant better from Cushing's or from the fever I got haha! Well I learned my lesson don't eat rare meat from takeout!! and It's good to take it easy for now. I will continue to pray for you to have a fast resolution. Please keep me updated!!

  2. I meant from the fever!! But I hope the Cushing's recovery is going well :-) thank you! I will keep you updated :-) x