Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chasteberry (Vitex) Extract

During the time my menstrual cycle started becoming irregular, I tried many herbs to induce a period. Like literally all of the hormone balancing herbs. One herb did work for me, I read online that Chasteberry (vitex) extract is good for PCOS and helps regulate a woman's cycle. So after 6 months of researching about it and not having my own cycle, I decided to take the pills. I forgot what brand it was but after two weeks of taking vitex, I had a period. And it came back the next month. I thought I found my cure, but after the two period cycles, my period stop coming for a year. That was the biggest red flag that something was extremely wrong. But yeah, I am not saying "hey take vitex if you want a period", please consult your doctor before anything but I just remembered that it is one of the things out there that does work during my Cushing's days. It must be a very powerful herb to work on a cushie. But ultimately, my cure is removing the tumor.


Chasteberry, this one kinda looks like a blue bonnet


  1. Hi,

    Over the past couple of days i have read all your blog posts and im just.. speechless but have so much to say at the same time. I recognize myself SO much in almost everything you have been writing about. Its amazing how someone can put words to something you haven't been able to do yourself. So i am not diagnosed with Cushings. But after 2,5 years of feeling awful and several doctors telling my nothing is wrong later it seems like someone has listened to me and im waiting for some test results right now, doing the 24 h urine test this weekend and then going to see the doctor on the fourth of june. Just like you said, the waiting is just.. horrible! So right now im in a weird state of worry about it not being cushings, which some of the people close to me seem to have a hard time grasping. Obviously no one wants to be sick, but to actually have an answer, something on paper proving everything you have been trying to explain for years would just feel.. amazing. So now im scared they wont find anything. Also I started to accept that the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with my a couple of months ago because that just seemed like the only way so this was a big change, in the mind and just overall. And obviously im worried that i need to find a way back to that if this is the same thing happening over again. Oh i dont know where I wanted to go with this, just so happy i found your blog i guess and im really happy for you! Big hugs Christine

    1. Christine! I am sorry you are in that in between phase of figuring out what is wrong with your healt. Just know that you will figure it out if you have the patience and keep figihting for an answer. You probably have already read the story of the cyclical cushing's perhaps it is a possibility. I am not saying you do have it just saying there are many things to look out for. If you know something is not right in your body you should figure out what it is. Just know that whatever testing you have done is more progress to ruling out what it is. Are you seeing an endocrinologist? What are your main symptoms? Thank you so much for reading my blog, it really means alot to me that you can relate. I hope you figure it out. Please keep me updated on how your tests go! Stay strong, much love.

    2. I know you´re right, but oh is it hard. Yes i did read it and it definitively made me wonder. I want to figure it out but you know, i start to question myself, which just messes up my mind for quite some time until i manage to sort it out again! I am seeing one when the tests are done, so thats on the 4th. Before this i have only met with like general practitioners and also gynecologist because I was thinking that maybe it was something to do with those hormones. Wow, main symptoms.. thats a hard one! But i gained a lot of weight fast and just cant get it of, my face is nothing like it used to be, now its just puffy and round, stretch marks that seem to never stop getting further down my legs and further up my torso, i seriously cant recognize the person i see in the mirror. And its like my body overreacts to everything, if i eat my heart races, if i walk up the stairs its like I just ran 5 miles and i sweat like crazy for nothing, just a simple temperature change and so on. And oh the damn pain, the tiredness and the difficulty concentrating on something. That thing you wrote about having to reread everything you just wrote just hit spot on. And also a lot of anxiety. Very irregular menstrual cycle.. the list is long and its so hard to say what my main symptoms are, i would really just describe it like my body overreacts to everything and just seems to not work as it should. So it makes the simplest things seem almost impossible. Oh, thank you for sharing! An thank you for saying that, i just might do that. Don´t really have anyone else to talk to about this, talking to family and friends is very hard. Even though they try of course, i feel like they don't get it and i feel like I'm just boring them and going on and on about my problems when we talk about it. So yeah, i hope we will write some more if you don't mind. Is there maybe any other place we can do that? I probably shouldn't be taking up al this blog space! X

    3. Oh my little blog wants you take as much space as you like haha but if you want to talk you can email me at I would love talking to ya, dont worry you won't bore me, its good to talk to someone who can relate. Im sorry for all your symptoms you lists, most people just think I was lazy fat and complainy but it was alot more than that. Anyways im glad you responded thank you.