Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Feature Story On Cushing's Support and Research Foundation

I will frame this!

So I received my spring Cushing's support and research foundation (csrf) in the mail. I was so excited to read it. Inside has a lot of interesting new research on the disease and doctors answers for questions people want to know about Cushings. I thought I knew all about it through my own research and experience but it had alot of answers and information I did not know. It also talks about cyclical cushing's which is harder to diagnose and alot of people have been emailing me about why they have all the symptoms and features of cushing's but their test are never positive. So I think that we always have to prepare for other possibilities. I am not a doctor to say whether you have it or not but I do encourage anyone to find a professional to investigate to why they aren't feeling "normal". Also the newsletter features patients stories.

Well I read this newsletter a few times and not once did I realize my story was featured inside the newsletter until a cushie emailed me saying they saw my story! Wow, I feel so honored to be chosen to share my story to csrf readers. My feature page was stuck together so I had no idea it existed but thank you Benji for informing me! I hope you are feeling better these days. I want to thank CSRF, cushies, and supporters. To help me through hard times and to share my story for awareness. You guys are everything.
Stress is not the cause of Cushing's. Having Cushing's causes stress.
 But it sure will feel worse if you're in a stressful situation!
Most Cushies suffer from bad memory, I still do.

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