Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Does Your Pet Have CD??? My New Strange Symptoms

I saw a picture of this poor pup on a cushing's blog and it broke my heart. The blog claims he has CD but I can't find much more information on him.

If you see unusual changes in your dogs appearance (swelling, obesity, agressive behavior, hair changes) much like a human cushing's patient, I encourage that you investigate your dog to rule out any health conditions. The bulldog above looks like a very extreme case but who knows what other condition he had and just like us, we all react differently to the disease but I sure as hell felt as swollen as the dog when I was sick. I think in researching animal/canine cases is that the potbelly is very visible and the fur coat looks abnormal. (most horses have the crinkled hair.)  It makes me sad that many get euthanize or suffer silently never going noticed since they cannot talk to us or even complain.  Please watch out for our little angels.
Pot belly in cushing's dog
So I've been quite busy moving and for the past 2 weeks have been over exerting my energy. I am on a higher dosage since my last failed attempt to taper/wean. So far I was feeling okay until last week, ive been feeling nauseous/dizzy/headache combo everyday. At first it feels minor but when it persists for days, it starts to feel too intense. Yesterday I was in a electronic store and just felt like vomiting though I couldn't on an empty stomach and had to be dragged out and laid curled up the whole way home. Everything can trigger it from smells, lighting, temperature or being active. I've also been having a pins and needle feelings on my hands, arms, legs and feet. At first I thought it was a insect biting me but at a closer speculation I notice it's a vein or just some kind of nerve prick. It's happening frequently and is quite bothersome. I can have the sensation on multiple parts simultaneously. I don't know why I am having these symptoms, if anyone has an idea please inform me. I am just at a point where I am tired that there is still no ending to these health issues. Maybe there's still something underlying that needs to be addressed? I just hope I can find a resolution and find some peace in my body.

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  1. I have the pins and needles feelings in my arms, hands, legs and feet. With me it started in one hand...then gradually (over like 6 months or less) it had spread to all my limbs. It's like a tingling/burning feeling sometimes. I also have a really bad burning pain at the back of my neck. They say it's probably related to my CD and that its neuropathy (nerve damage)...

    Maybe you have a trapped nerve? While I'm still being treated for CD I haven't really asked my docs about this that much. Oh also...are all your vitamin levels in check? Sometimes vitamin deficiencies can cause similar symptoms xxx