Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Hair Has Been Electrocuted

Hello! Sorry it's been a while since my last entry but I just wanted to talk about our physical appearance during Cushing's Disease (CD) and going through Adrenal Insufficiency (AI) As all of you patient's know. The physical changes are so severe that even the most confident person would feel insecure. I want to talk about hair this time.

I've been trying to grow my hair out since my last haircut a few months ago. Lately I have been distracted examining my hair. For the past few weeks I have been noticing another change in my hair texture. When I had CD my hair was falling out, I had some bald patches in the front and overall was thinning. It was oily so It was still soft and shiny though it was very thin. I noticed that after surgery, My hair started to regrow and fill in the bald patches however the new hair growing in is very course, dry and rough in texture. It is still fairly thin as my ponytail is a measly half fistful and now it looks dead and dull. I traded the balding for courser crinkly hair. I am not sure how I feel about this, other than I am completely distracted with how it feels. Almost like I've been electrocuted lol

A bit worried, I talked to my friend and she confirmed that the hair issues are from steroids and possibly AI. And her hair improved when fully tapering off. I hope in time my hair will start growing in better and healthier. Not only are we plagued with waiting for our health to get back but we have to be patient for our appearance to get normal. But Don't worry about it Cushies! Worst case scenario is that we could shave it all off lol just kidding >.<

As my lesson in health and recovery continues, I realize that the best way to get through these changes is to let go of our attachments to things in our life such as the past, the way we use to look, anger towards things we cannot change, material items and the way other people view us. Yeah that's a hard pill to swallow being a 25 year old girl/woman who is vain as the mortal version of a Kardashian. But I must remember that things were worse and now getting better. I almost forget that while comparing old photos pre CD, I look better now because I have some kind of inner self esteem I discovered during this whole process. It helps me to feel comfortable in my own skin and accept myself regardless of how I look. It kind of just radiates and people seem to approach and say hi to me. Unlike before people seemed to stare at me for the way I was dressed or the ridiculous amount of eyeshadow I wore lol OR maybe, it's because I seem happier :D

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