Tuesday, September 9, 2014


WOW So my mom told me a few weeks ago that she has a cousin named Mai in Vietnam who had an adrenal tumor. I was in disbelief since this is supposedly a "rare" tumor but someone in my bloodline has one too. I was curious to know more so I asked for my mom's cousins contact and wrote to her. She then responds to me a week later to confirm that she did indeed have a adrenal tumor. Due to the language barrier it was hard to communicate but from what She told me she did not have Cushing's Syndome but another syndrome called Pheocromocytoma  Syndrome. Her first surgery was unsuccessful but her second time was a success because they removed the whole gland with tumor. Ans she does not have to take Steroids since it is not like Adrenal insuffiency.. It was very hard to think that we have a connection. Upon discovering this crazy crazy revelation, Mai mentions that her cousin (Nancee) from California also has an adrenal tumor and Cushing's Syndrome and was diagnosed this year and had her surgery in April... What.... Another distant relative from my mom's side has an adrenal tumor AND Cushing's?? This is so hard to believe yet an amazing discovery.. I then was more curious to speak to Nancee and waited to get into contact with her.

Another week passes by and Nancee responds. She also confirms that she has an adrenal tumor and Cushing's syndrome. She is 42 and has had Cushings for about 6 years and had her surgery this April. Her symptoms are classic CD symptoms much like mines and now in recovery. Just like ours, her recovery is rough mostly with the depression and body pain. We then relate to our bad experiences with most doctors and endos who have not treated adrenal patients and are usually baffled by our cases.

I just can't seem to put together this fact that two of my distant relatives had the adrenal tumors and all this time I believed that it was a rare tumor that only affects a 2 out of a million people. We know that not all families get Adrenal/ Pit tumors or have CD but what about the ones that do? What is the connection? Why do endos, text books and online research claim that Cushing's is an isolated disease when now there is evidence that it does happen to family members. Just like the other story I posted about the brother and sister who both had CD? Now It's more evidence to support this theory and for us to believe that Cushing's is not isolated and very much prevalent.

 FORGET WHAT THE DOCTORS, INTERNET AND TEXTBOOKS TELL YOU. How is this possible??? I will try to investigate.


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