Thursday, September 18, 2014

Test Results & New Video Update!

Hi guys, I was bored surfing on youtube and clicked on my channel only to see that the Cushing's video views are up to 14k with many comments. It has really made me happy that people are watching, talking, connecting and raising awareness for Cushing's syndrome and disease. Thank you all the viewers, subscribers and for the shares on youtube. I feel a sense of connection from the community to one another and my goal is to make this illness a little more known out there. I wish I could get an already famous youtuber to just shout us out and so we can have a bigger amount of awareness.

It's easy to forget as time goes by. We get this illness and write blog about it but then once we recover we forget how hard it was and how rare it is.  I get that sometimes we just want to forget about what had happened and move on from our life and life begins to feel better so we don't really care to complain on blogs but you guys, please keep sharing your story to the world because you might just save one person's life for viewing your story. There has to be people who are proactive about awareness for every other disease for it to be well known so we need to do this for our Cushie family. Sorry if I sound all preachy but I really hurt when I get these emails of people who are going through the same thing I was a few years ago when the disease was in the early stages. Being misunderstood, misheard, ignored. I was reading a story of a celebrity who is depressed, gained alot of weight and can't lose it and I just wonder do they know about CD? Or I walk down the street and see a person with a moonface and buffalo hump and wonder if they know they are sick?
Fluctuating Test results. Not sure if it's improvement but hey better than having high cortisol!

Well I have some big Cushing's News coming up that I want to share in my next blog. It's still in the works. I am really excited about it! If you haven't already, please comment and keep the converstation going!! Here's my moon face again =]

My 2013 Video

Here's my updated 2014 video:

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