Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh Bloody Heck I'm still Young!

Today I went to get blood work done yay my favee!! My docs instructed  for me to not take my meds for 24-48 hrs. We will see the results next week if lazy lefty decided to wake up yet. But omg When will I ever get over the fear of needles?! The guy who took my blood had trouble finding a good  vein to stick the needle in and he said I have dainty veins. umm dainty?? lol I just told him to please please hurry up and get it over with. Anyways I was told to avoid stressful activities since I won't have the cortisol in my body to cope. but a bloodtest in my book is a stressful activity has now become my regular friend.

I mentioned some time ago my struggles of coping and  fearing the Cushing's will return. I don't want to go on anti-depressants or anxiety meds. So I went and talked to a behavior counselor and he told me it is often normal for an ill patient to feel that way though they are surgically "fixed". It's kind of hard to feel fixed when the symptoms are still there. Though my surgeon still reminds me that I am more than good lol Some people think it's just simple surgery and the problem will be gone which is not the case with the Cushing's patient. He did say that it is very rare for a young person to become this ill and usually it happens later on in life when people are wiser and can cope with a big stressor like illness, surgery, and death. He explained I'm still young and I was suppose to see my elders get sick first instead it was vice versa and he told me that this major event was equal to losing a limb or death of a family member. His advice was that I need to accept that it just happened and I did nothing wrong And like everyone else, he advised me to only do things that makes me feel good from now on. Yes I agree! Life is too short! I was already trying to do that but it is definitely easier to navigate and follow instructions from someone with this kind of insight. We talked for a long time and it did help me feel better even though some symptoms are still present. I am still learning about what I can handle. This week due to low meds: My joints are having sharp jolts of pain but manageable and the dry itchy skin is crazy, not manageable! I've been feeling more tired and have been sleeping a lot. I am so happy that I can take full naps now! Excitement due to good or bad stress leaves me feeling exhausted. But that is good I can take more naps! lol I cut myself chopping an apple and it hurt like hell! I have a headache but not as extreme as usual. The moments of mental clarity are still improving but  improving ever so slowly. Thankfully the people in my bubble aren't pressuring me to recover quickly even though I have wild expectations for myself. As the smart Dr. Seuss once said," those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." =]

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